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This applet animates advertisements on web pages using up to 14 transition effects.
The images can either be in gif or jpeg and are scaled automatically to the applet size.
The urls to load, the transition effects and the delay between each advertisement can be configured through these applet parameters :
Effect integer (1-14) or string transition effect or the string "none" for no effect, "shuffle" for shuffle, "shuffle1" for random (range 1-5), "shuffle2" for random(range 6-10), "shuffle3" for random (range 11-14.
Order string banner order. Can be "shuffle" or can be missing to reflect the order of the applet parameters.
Pause long time delay between each banner (in millisecs)
image1(2,3,...) string gif or jpeg file name
url1(2,3,...) url url to load when the user clicks
text1(2,3,...) string text to show when the mouse enters the ad. If missing, url  is assumed.
win1(2,3,...) string target window or frame. If missing, current window is assumed.
ConfigFile string configuration file name. If this option is used, Advertiser reads all parameters from a configuration file.


<APPLET CODE="Advertiser.class" ARCHIVE="Advertiser.jar" WIDTH="470" HEIGHT="60">
<PARAM NAME="Effect" VALUE="shuffle">
<PARAM NAME="Order" VALUE="shuffle">
<PARAM NAME="Pause" VALUE="2500">

<PARAM NAME="image1" VALUE="coolboard.gif">
<PARAM NAME="url1" VALUE="http://coolboard.nikos.com/coolboard/">
<PARAM NAME="text1" VALUE="Coolboard(tm) - (C)1996 by Nico Tranquilli">

<PARAM NAME="image2" VALUE="livecam.gif">
<PARAM NAME="url2" VALUE="http://www.nikos.com/javatoys/advertiser/">
<PARAM NAME="text2" VALUE="LiveCam - (C)1997 by Nico Tranquilli">
<PARAM NAME="win2" VALUE="myotherframe">

<PARAM NAME="image3" VALUE="advdwn.gif">
<PARAM NAME="url3" VALUE="http://www.nikos.com/javatoys/advertiser/">


Be sure to read the License Agreement before using this software.