August 2006,  112 hours.


I have a sail number: 103!

I have a sail insigna:

logo1.JPG (13721 octets)

And I almost have a boat. I am getting close to 1000 hours of work but I still have to do 75% of the paint, centerboard, rudder, trailer stuff and install all the fittings to install.

I started working on my mast. I have the boom and the bowsprit. Still have to buy the trampolines and the engine.

Unfortunately I will not launch this year. Next spring seems more plausible... This boat is very complicated, like most trimarans I think. Much more work than a monohull.

I think it should take about 300 or 400 hours of work for a boatbuilding project to last one year. This means that a LOT of stuff should be bought and not built, and that means $$$. The only boat you can get quickly for little money is a used one, or a very small one... Probably the best compromise is with a demountable catamaran, with tubular beams: you get some trailerability, some interior accomodations, and a lot of speed. Maybe my next project will be a self-righting 24 feet cat with a biplane rig, and leeboards? :-)



DSCF3119.JPG (464922 octets)


DSCF3123.JPG (453657 octets)


DSCF3141.JPG (453538 octets)


DSCF3092.JPG (448853 octets)

DSCF3094.JPG (448310 octets)


DSCF3100.JPG (447880 octets)


DSCF3101.JPG (451593 octets)


DSCF3115.JPG (474416 octets)


DSCF3118.JPG (490258 octets)