August 29 2004

Assembling floats:This job is slower than it should.... Too many parts, fillets and fiberglass tapes to make!

One essential piece of equipement to work on floats like that are latex gloves. No choice.


2004_0818Image0017.JPG (63891 bytes)


Sqeezing the bow together. This is very easy, the panels twist good and they keep a very fair shape.This is one of the beauties of foam panels compared to plywood: they are stiffer, lighter and fairer and dont require much framework.

2004_0818Image0018.JPG (55383 bytes)


At this stage it is very tempting to cover the whole thing with plywood decks! It would be so much quicker and pleasant.

2004_0822Image0012.JPG (63640 bytes)


Filleting and glassing the inside seems. A lot of putty is required for the floats, inside and outside.

2004_0827Image0031.JPG (39290 bytes)

The bow looks nice like this but it is a nightmare to to a good fiberglass job in this tight corner. I am sure there are a few voids behind the fillet. A good way to avoid this would be to build the float with a "transom" bow (flat) and make the pointy end with a shaped foam block. It would be easier, quicker and more fun... It would also be more crash resistant. Less Core-cell would also be required, the hull panels being shorter.

2004_0827Image0046.JPG (57663 bytes)


I added extra lower bulkheads to add tremendous strength in the bottom panel with very little weight.

2004_0827Image0049.JPG (30797 bytes)