I added 69 hours since the last update in October 2006, happy new year!

I am keeping my one hour a day average...

I am working mostly on the fittings.


Inpection ports sealed with 5200 adhesive:

DSCF3476.JPG (440086 octets)



Replacing core with putty for the chainplates bolts. It would be much simpler to have to chainplates bolted to a bulkhead inside the floats.

DSCF3478.JPG (428722 octets)



Making compression block for the beams out of 1/8" fiberglass plates laminated in steps. The aluminum fittings specified on the plans were too weak to my taste. My own analysis shows maximum load of 12,000 lbs on those.

DSCF3481.JPG (452606 octets)

DSCF3484.JPG (464065 octets)



Preparing the installation of access covers. It helps to mask the paint to make a clean job.

DSCF3498.JPG (452713 octets)



General view of the "shop"...

DSCF3501.JPG (454106 octets)



Installing access covers and chainplates:

DSCF3507.JPG (448233 octets)

DSCF3510.JPG (441237 octets)



Trial fitting of the jib furler to measure jib sheet track location: The location on the plans seems way off, lets hope I did not screw-up!:

DSCF3512.JPG (458999 octets)

DSCF3513.JPG (459598 octets)

DSCF3515.JPG (448689 octets)



Various fittings. The rope clutch on the right does not fit there, it will be on the mast:

DSCF3517.JPG (444177 octets)



Rotating mast step made by Erik Precourt. I still have to figure out how to install the foot blocks for the halyards:

DSCF3519.JPG (442398 octets)



Foredeck with jib furler line. Notice the jib tack fitting. I removed the ugly hex head bolt heads because they were interfering with the bow pole fitting. I tapped some threads in the base of the fitting and screwed it from under. I sealed the exposed bolt ends with 5200:

DSCF3521.JPG (444151 octets)



Cabin top winch on port (Harken16, 2 speeds):

DSCF3523.JPG (441794 octets)



Mock-up of the rudder stock. I will make this part in carbon, with varnished wood tiller:

DSCF3525.JPG (443814 octets)



Mainsheet traveller, with 3:1 car adjustment. The mainsheet purchase is 6:1:

DSCF3528.JPG (459899 octets)



Making my own diamonds brackets in carbon. I will slide this over the mast from the step and rivet it in place with stainless steel rivets. It is not adjustable unfortunately. I gave it a rake of 50mm, hopefully it will be ok. I will paint the bracket white with Awlgrip when it is completed:

DSCF3530.JPG (454522 octets)



Trailer stuff! I need to install this on my truck before the spring:

DSCF3533.JPG (456797 octets)