July 2007

I sailed Trijul for the first time with lots of joy! It is soooo light I have to get used to the quick motion. Sorry I dont have better pictures but I was really busy sailing the boat. When all the little details are sorted out I will do a real photo shoot!

Helm balance is very good with main or jib only. I can easily tack with the jib up only.

Centerboard feels a little small, the boat tends to slide sideways just after a slow tack, but this disappears as soon as speed is up again. With the "banana" shape of the floats, the boat turns on a dime. The hulls cut through a 1 feet chop like a knife through hot butter. With waves from the side and little pressure on the sails, the windward float tends to slam down on the water. The float bottoms are quite flat which gives a tremendous buoyancy and planing characteristics, but the (mild) slamming is present. When the sails are powered up and the float is higher, there is no more slamming.

Trampolines are really nice. They sit high above the water and are easy to enter from the cockpit. They need to be un-laced only at the 3 first eyelets for boat folding. I was worried about this issue but it works very well finally.

I really enjoyed my first 2 days of sailing in 10 to 20 knots of wind, but the boat is now out of the water for all the adjustements and the fore sails are back at the loft for luff wire work.

I am glad that nothing is really wrong or needs re-building (except the sails...), just pleasant tuning and adjustment! I can now enjoy my super machine!



List of comments and work to do

very good




need work



Need paint + fairing on blade. Need tiller extension.


Seems too small, boat drifts going upwind at low speed. Lots of sloshing inside the case. water jets out of the controle line opening. Goes up and down good

Need fairing + make trailing edge thinner

Centerboard case

Super stiff

Lots of sloshing, leak in the upper aft section, geiser of water in cockpit at high speed.





folding system

Floats wiggle a lot at start of un-folding. I get used to it and it does the job well. Boat very stable when folded.

Mast raising


Install roller on wood cross-beam



Load capacity

Floats kiss the water level. Very buoyant floats and center hull.

Boat overall flotation level

Boat sits a little bow high. Transom close to water level with one person sitting aft in the cockpit. Water line not correct.

Mast rotation


Mast stiffness

Mast bends backwards with 2 reefs in the main. Screecher hounds bend forward. Need tuning.



PBO luff wire way too long. re-do


Battens are not adjustable?

Install luff feeder



PBO luff wire way too long. re-do

Jib sheets

Jib tracks way too far aft in drawings. Still to far aft on Trijul. I have to use the max fwd position.

Main traveller


Screecher sheets

I dont know what to do with this. There is no provision for this in the design?????


It works well when deployed. It is difficult to stow on the deck.

Make deck supports


Complete the rigging


Cleats missing


Missing support legs.


Precourt shrouds are super

Chainplates installed too far aft: good for rig tension, bad for mainsail shape downwind...


DSCF3957.JPG (484525 octets)

DSCF3958.JPG (445015 octets)

DSCF3959.JPG (486809 octets)

DSCF3960.JPG (466269 octets)

DSCF3961.JPG (483741 octets)

DSCF3962.JPG (477434 octets)

DSCF3963.JPG (483416 octets)

DSCF3967.JPG (475664 octets)


DSCF3969.JPG (474063 octets)

I sailed the boat fairly hard lately, but haven't raced yet. It is quite wet! A short chop creates a lot of spray. The flat face of the front beams chops the top of the waves that make it there. This is only going upwind, no spray downwind. The floats are enormously buoyant. Going upwind, they barely sink while the centerhull jumps out of the water over bigger waves to expose the centerboard. When I am more experienced, I am sure I can fly 2 hulls (scary!).

I solved the centerboard slot problems (water jet in the cockpit...). I built a hinged door out of corecell that is attached to the trailing edge of the centerboard. It is as long as possible and floats inside the case. It works!!! Not a drop of water splashing out of the case, no sloshing sound inside the case.

I also completed the trailer beds. This is a lot of work and requires creative jacking-hoisting of the boat...

My sails are fixed. The too long luff line is more or less repaired. Not perfect but it works.

I have installed a 6 feet long tiller extension and it is great. You can helm from the windward float and feel like you are on an airplane!

Folding and un-folding is now really easy. The trampoline tension makes everything smooth. The structure is really stiff, whitout any creaking.

I dont have a single water leak inside the whole boat, which is really nice.

I am ammazed at the number of positive comments I receive from all the members at the yacht club. The TRIJUL looks and sails awesome!