June 2006,  101 hours.


The beam stub fairings are a pain to make. They are the 4 big foam blocks protruding out from the center hull in line with the cross-beams. The boat looks good when un-folded but at what price...


Laminating mast post out of scrap corecell panel strips:

2006_0527Image0002.JPG (61018 bytes)


Shaping mast post with jigsaw followed by long board:

2006_0527Image0005.JPG (46451 bytes)


Getting ready to roll fiberglass and carbon on mast post:

2006_0527Image0006.JPG (62672 bytes)


Trimming mast post to length. The outer layer in a carbon fiber sleeve:

2006_0527Image0011.JPG (64761 bytes)


Cutting cabin window openings:

2006_0527Image0014.JPG (50590 bytes)


General view of the centerhull. The pop-top will not have a companionway hatch. The top will lift like the L-7. This is simple and light:

2006_0527Image0018.JPG (75104 bytes)


Carbon and foam knees inside cabin to support cabin top and jib tracks loads:

2006_0527Image0024.JPG (49380 bytes)


Underdeck beams. I made the beam for the mast in 2 pieces. This makes the installation of the mast post and mast base easier and is still very stiff:

2006_0527Image0025.JPG (53830 bytes)


Laminating mast post in place

2006_0527Image0030.JPG (63606 bytes)


General view of the interior showing all the carbon tapes. Mast post and lower bulkhead in place. I extended this bulkhead inside the setees for added stiffness:

2006_0527Image0031.JPG (61177 bytes)



2006_0527Image0038.JPG (80423 bytes)


Starting the dreaded beam stub fairings. lots of small pieces to cut, fit and bond in place. Is there a better way?:

2006_0527Image0040.JPG (63298 bytes)

2006_0527Image0043.JPG (58102 bytes)

2006_0527Image0050.JPG (53939 bytes)


Making winch bases. These will be trimmed to tilt the winches back so that the jib sheet lead angle is as specified by Harken:

2006_0527Image0056.JPG (55207 bytes)


Folding system made by Precourt. I made CAD drawings on Catia and did a stress analysis on the parts. I will make fiberglass parts to make the spacer pieces between the struts. Most pins are aluminum except for 4 of them which are titanium:

2006_0527Image0058.JPG (64963 bytes)

2006_0527Image0061.JPG (55609 bytes)


Trial installation of the floats. They fit, what a relief!:

2006_0527Image0065.JPG (56340 bytes)

2006_0527Image0066.JPG (55645 bytes)


When completely folded, one half of the boat is exactly 48" wide. Total folded boat will be 8' wide:

2006_0527Image0067.JPG (63429 bytes)


Still working on the dreaded beam stub fairings. There is nothing in the plans to explain how to make them. I improvised and made the lower parts curved:

2006_0527Image0074.JPG (44757 bytes)


I painted the underside of the beams with white epoxy paint"

2006_0527Image0077.JPG (47491 bytes)


Port beam stub fairingss finished. They look good when the boat is un-folded:

2006_0527Image0082.JPG (55378 bytes)


Underside of the forward beam stub fairing:

2006_0527Image0088.JPG (41841 bytes)



Underside of the aft beam stub fairing:

2006_0527Image0089.JPG (41794 bytes)