March 2006,  59 hours.


Centerhull is now completely glassed, except for the beam stub fairings. It was nice to glass the large surfaces in one shot, without having to use fiberglass tapes. The surfaces are real smooth and fair, the peel ply left a fine texture. I am still using fairing compound but a small amount can be stretched a very long way to make an almost ready to paint surface..

I used carbon fiber tapes in many areas, mainly because it is very easy to work with and is lighter than glass.

I ordered all my folding system parts to Precourt Systems. I redesigned the parts to eliminate all the welding and increase the pivot pins strength. As soon as I receive them I will be able to assemble the boat and complete the beam stub fairings.

I received my sails! They are beautifuly made by Saintonge in Quebec city. By redesigning the mainsail leech they were able to add a couple square meters. Jib and main are made of CL-60P polyester cruising laminate, screecher is in Diax-60P. Full battens are fiberglass pultrusions and are a little heavy to my taste. I might make another set in carbon/foam  next year, after my first sailing season, to make the mainsail lighter.

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