48 hours...

There are many little things to make before launching but I am on track for a June first sail. There is a solo race at my yacht club (PCYC) on June 9th in Montreal and I would really like to make it.


DSCF3671.JPG (441624 octets)


DSCF3672.JPG (459582 octets)

Fiberglass/carbon motor bracket. This will be painted white. The scrap piece of wood used for molding will be replaced with a marine plywood lamination.



DSCF3674.JPG (452305 octets)

Making the mast rotator laminations. I was having difficulties locating a standard rotation limitor and I did not like the heavy stainless steel ones. This one is 99% carbon and is very light. There is a fiberglass ply to protect the aluminum mast from corrosion.



DSCF3677.JPG (460499 octets)

Mold for mast rotation limitor.



DSCF3725.JPG (444701 octets)

The brown "bushing" will receive the adjusting line.



DSCF3724.JPG (442846 octets)

Complete rotation limitor. I will paint it white for UV protection.



DSCF3682.JPG (456660 octets)

Custom carbon fiber rudder fittings. The holes for the pivot will receive plastic bushings.



DSCF3651.JPG (444748 octets)

Trial fitting of the rudder head. I can rotate it 90 both directions, although the tiller will hit the outboard engine when turning to starboard.



DSCF3685.JPG (458706 octets)

Gluing support pieces for the access covers in thecabin settee.



DSCF3691.JPG (470254 octets)

Finally painting the cabin! I will leave some carbon clear for the nice look. It is a real pleasure to cover all the "misery" with a nice coat of paint. The feel of the boat is completely transformed, all the dust is gone and the kids love it!



DSCF3705.JPG (454406 octets)

Getting there. It is sooo nice to do the yellow paint! I am using 100% acrylic house paint, primer and top coat. It does not make armful vapors but the smell is bad and I finally wore a mask with carbon filters, I was getting a bit sick... Note the "graffiti" that my kids made up front... Also note the seat access panels with the nice bubinga wood veneers. This is the only wood so far in the boat!



DSCF3700.JPG (457197 octets)

I had a lot of fun with my 2 boys painting the interior of the cabin! I am sure they will love sailing in this boat!



DSCF3703.JPG (447302 octets)

Cabin windows in place. I used 3M VHB acrylic tape to glue them in place. This foam tape is 0.125" thick and is waterproof and permanent. A bead of sealant above the edge of the tape garanties a watertight installation.



DSCF3708.JPG (462219 octets)

Incredible discovery: you can mix latex paint with epoxy to add color!!! I could not believe it but the latex paint mixes really nice with mixed epoxy and does not seem to affect the cure. I have no ideas where the water in the paint is going??? I am not ready to use that on the boat but the color is superb!



DSCF3717.JPG (452688 octets)

Shaped foam blank for the rudder blade



DSCF3719.JPG (457279 octets)

First laminations on the rudder.



DSCF3720.JPG (455170 octets)

DSCF3722.JPG (451885 octets)

Just like I did on the centerboard, I bag one half first on the table to make sure the part is flat. With this first skin and the glass between the 2 foam layers, the blade is very rigid and ready for more shaping and the final glass/carbon plies.