November 14 2004, 48 hours.

Cross-beams work is progressing steadily. There are many small epoxy jobs that I can do in the evenings. I typically work 2 hours at a time. I found one error in the plans: the beam formers are too short by 3 inches (see picture).

I am not following the assembly sequence from the plans which has too many steps in my opinion. I also added some carbon fiber plies according to my finite element analysis, although I try to stick to Ray Kendrick's design as much as possible especially if the outside shape would be affected.

Many clamps are needed as shown in the pictures. The last job I did before the last picture was something that a friend of mine described as "the last step before HELL"... I was dressed in a white overall, had a dust mask and was armed with a belt-sander with 50 grit paper. I installed the work outside to avoid contaminating my house... I made so much dust while shaping the beam halves that it looked like it had snowed!!! And the worst of it all is I know I will have to repeat this at least 2 more times...


Finite element results showing the red zone where I put the carbon fiber unidirectional:

beamsOB.BMP (723894 bytes)


Making high density inserts for the folding system bushings. I replaced the specified plywood by some poured epoxy with microfibers. For this boat, I will probably not use a single piece of wood anywhere:

2004_1026Image0004.JPG (54739 bytes)

2004_1026Image0007.JPG (46886 bytes)

2004_1026Image0010.JPG (32696 bytes)


Bonding the beam formers in place. I have to be patient as there are 64 pieces to cut and glue...

2004_1026Image0017.JPG (45777 bytes)

2004_1026Image0020.JPG (46955 bytes)


This is the error I found: the former is too short by about 3 inches. This is what happens if you cut all the pieces in advance...

2004_1116Image0004.JPG (46995 bytes)


Preparing to laminate the fiberglass/carbon caps. I had to be patient here also: there are 40 fiberglass strips to laminate...

2004_1116Image0005.JPG (63592 bytes)

2004_1116Image0035.JPG (58749 bytes)

2004_1116Image0038.JPG (60686 bytes)

2004_1116Image0034.JPG (43546 bytes)


Trimming the fiberglass caps. This job is HELL. Wear a dust mask...

2004_1116Image0040.JPG (83908 bytes)


Et voilą! 8 half beams ready to go! I checked their shape against the template and they fit perfectly.

2004_1116Image0045.JPG (54386 bytes)

2004_1116Image0047.JPG (49915 bytes)


Trial assembly of a complete beam. It starts to look like the scarab22!

2004_1116Image0027.JPG (46889 bytes)