October 10 2004, 17 hours.

Floats are now ready to close, FINALLY !!!!! This boat building method is quite infernal. It is like building 4 floats.

I am now starting on the beams.

I got my mast. A damaged Etchells 22 mast from wich I cut the step and the head to obtain a clean length of 9.2 metres. I kept a tapered section just above the screecher halyard point. It weighs 53 pounds bare.

I am working in parallel on a design of a kit trimaran in the 22 - 24 feet range with some neet original features. I am designing it with a friend who designed a few tris in the past. I am concentrating on ease of assembly (!), economy, light weight and easy trailering. I am using an innovative composite panel concept that will be proven when the prototype is built. A suivre...

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