October 2005,  22 hours.


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It was very easy to flip the hull shell. One guy at the bow and one guy at the transom is all that was required.

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Getting rid of the vacuum table. I will not need it anymore and I need the room!:

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Taping the inside joints. Much quicker then the floats. It was tricky to wet the carbon floor without stepping in the glue! I did everything in a single day.

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Detail of the bow joint. A special technique is needed to make a clean joint in there...

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Same old story: parts dont fit the first time... However, little work is required to make it all right, no sweat!

2005_1005Image0009.JPG (57622 bytes)


Positioning the bulkheads. I am using the laser level to mark the bunk and cockpit "waterlines".

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At first I was scared to walk inside the hull shell, but it turned out to be very stiff. It is also very light, about 150 lbs.

2005_1005Image0018.JPG (50041 bytes)


I am starting to see the end of the project... I should launch the Scarab next spring.