September 10, 2004

It seems that the building material for this boat is putty! I have used more than half of the big drum that I bought and I have not done any fairing yet. I am glad I started with the floats, I would not want to progress that slowly with the rest of the boat waiting... The main hull should be easier to do.

Mixing some putty. And again. And again. And again...

2004_0911Image0003.JPG (47162 bytes)


I will see the bottom of the putty drum soon! This is a 2:1 epoxy putty made here in Quebec that is simple to use and is very versatile.

2004_0911Image0004.JPG (74998 bytes)


Instead of using steel straps as per the drawings, I am using scraps of foam panels. I counted the temporary screws used to hold the float together at this stage: 122 per float..

2004_0911Image0005.JPG (41061 bytes)


Detail of what I use instead of steel straps:

2004_0911Image0006.JPG (34830 bytes)