September 13, 2004

I am fitting the last float panels. Fit is good but not perfect. Fortunately it is easy to sight along the chines and make minor ajustements for perfectly fair curves. I am sure that my floats dont have the same shape than on the plans but since Ray does not supply all the hull lines, we will never know... I have modified the bow profile on the top panel to eliminate the sharp corner. I will also modify the transom shape later to make a stronger aft section.

I found a mast. It is a damaged Etchells22 extrusion that I got for cheap. It is damaged at the top but since it is too long, I can cut the damaged top off and keep a short length of taper. Perfect! Section is Kenyon 3049 wich matches the specifications fairly well. The section is a little flatter than what Ray specifies but since this mast will be rotating it is a good feature: it is more "wing" shaped. The only difficulty is in the mast step. I have to design a good rotating base that fits this section. I will contact Erik Precourt shortly...


Used mast section. The local Etchells22 fleet has a good supply of "dead" masts. If the mast is snapped at deck level it is a perfect fit for the scarab22! Note that J-24's use the same section...:

2004_0822Image0021.JPG (68302 bytes)


This mast was badly dented near the head in the tapered section above the jib hound. I will keep the intact bottom part:

2004_0822Image0028.JPG (65844 bytes)


Last float panels!:

2004_0914Image0004.JPG (69962 bytes)


The top panel needs very little help to stay in place. Notice the "hump" followed by a "hollow" along the deck line? I fixed that before any putty got in there: I unzipped the centerline at the hollow section and wedged it open until the curve was fair. I opened a gap of about " in the centerline wich I filled with...guess....PUTTY!

2004_0914Image0009.JPG (69321 bytes)


Note the rounded bow. On the drawings this is a sharp corner. The spring clamps are used to adjust the fit at the chine:

2004_0914Image0021.JPG (48359 bytes)


My notes on float panels corrections:

2004_0914Image0030.JPG (37372 bytes)