September 15, 2004

I removed the temporary screws and straps and did a light sanding over the chines. Everything is quite fair, I like it. I also cut the transom to a new profile. I dont know if it is more aesthetic than what is drawn on the plans, but to me it makes more sense from a strutures point of vue. In any case, it is possible to cut more off of the float to go back to Ray's design.

Cutting transom through P1 and P2 panels:

2004_0916Image0005.JPG (48932 bytes)


Look at the nice fair deck line:

2004_0916Image0012.JPG (68189 bytes)


Transom glued in place. It will be taped from the inside when the float top half is removed later:

2004_0916Image0015.JPG (44894 bytes)