September 2006,  62 hours.

My second float is painted and my centerhull is fully primed.

I cant believe that I am done with all the fairing and the putty!!!

Pop-top is also primed. I made it like on the L-7: very simple.

I got all my stainless screws and bolts from McMaster Carr, very convenient.

I have all my rigging from Precourt. I have my rotating mast step, my boom and my bowsprit.

Now I am 100% sure that I will launch TRIJUL next spring. This will have been a 3 year project. Anybody thinking about building a F-22 should remember this: you will loose at least 2 sailing seasons building the boat...

DSCF3138.JPG (458199 octets)

Drawing waterline on starboard float. I am making a curved line using a wooden board as a guide.


DSCF3140.JPG (454820 octets)

Painting float underwater portion and beam underside with white epoxy paint.


DSCF3152.JPG (455133 octets)

Fairing the starboard side of the centerhull.


DSCF3124.JPG (464511 octets)

DSCF3125.JPG (448701 octets)Fitting custom forestay and bowsprit fitting. This part is my design but Ray Kendrick wants to use it too! The bowsprit will be attached to this instead of a U-bolt at the stem. The bowsprit has to be longer but it will not fall in the water when the screecher is lowered. Also, you dont have to go all the way forward to install it.


DSCF3132.JPG (452762 octets)

Verifying the folded geometry of the starboard float.


DSCF3163.JPG (461200 octets)

Glassing the dreaded starboard beam stubs.


DSCF3148.JPG (442166 octets)

DSCF3146.JPG (449450 octets)

Starboard float painted.


DSCF3176.JPG (440040 octets)

Chainplate cut-out.


DSCF3177.JPG (454284 octets)

Inside of the beam we see the epoxy paint finish.


DSCF3275.JPG (462756 octets)

Glassing the pop-top. I want this part to be very strong, it is the largest un-supported panel of the whole boat and people will stand up on it to handle the mainsail.


DSCF3311.JPG (443814 octets)

Carbon fiber reinforcement for the pop-top "hot spots".


DSCF3315.JPG (453461 octets)

DSCF3317.JPG (450306 octets)

Masking centerhull for final paint.


DSCF3318.JPG (452989 octets)

Another coat of primer. I am using 545 from Awlgrip. It is very easy to use. I think I should have used high-build primer, as Ray suggests, because the 545 does not fill pin holes.


DSCF3319.JPG (453875 octets)

Looking good! Ready for the white paint.


DSCF3320.JPG (450197 octets)