End September 2006,  21 hours.


My centerhull in now painted!!! This step feels very good. It is an important milestone in the project. I can now really enjoy what I have accomplished.

I used about 4.5 liters of Awlgrip 2 parts topcoat, in three coats. Color is Oyster White, nice mellow color. I still have to do the anti-skid but I will use rollers for that.

Spray painting is an art which I do not master completely... The boat looks good but there are a few defects. Next boat I will try to hire a professional to do the spraying.

Anyway it is done and I can move on to some more fun stuff: fittings!

DSCF3369.JPG (454128 octets)


DSCF3370.JPG (456366 octets)


DSCF3371.JPG (449678 octets)


DSCF3372.JPG (438156 octets)

DSCF3373.JPG (438601 octets)


DSCF3374.JPG (445452 octets)


DSCF3375.JPG (439450 octets)


DSCF3376.JPG (441878 octets)


DSCF3377.JPG (442618 octets)


DSCF3379.JPG (453576 octets)


DSCF3380.JPG (434957 octets)


DSCF3381.JPG (443914 octets)


DSCF3382.JPG (449043 octets)


DSCF3383.JPG (445872 octets)


DSCF3384.JPG (439630 octets)


DSCF3387.JPG (439192 octets)