The following pictures were taken during and after the 2010 Hudson Yacht Club labor day regatta.

We did it un-registered just to see if we could beat every other boat. Well, it was blowing 25 knots, very gusty, and we smoked the whole fleet! We were 2 on the boat, Stephane Locas and myself. Most of the time, we were with jib and reefed mainsail. We never used the screecher nor the spinnaker, it was a little hairy, and I am still a little scared to overpower the TRIJUL...

DSC02026.JPG (4272101 octets)

DSC02027.JPG (4599183 octets)

DSC02030.JPG (4217935 octets)

Yours truly!! Running downwind with 2 reefs on the mainsail, no jib, and surfing at 12 knots on the waves.



DSC02031.JPG (4034920 octets)

DSC02032.JPG (4498362 octets)

DSC02033.JPG (1080856 octets)

DSC02034.JPG (4082978 octets)

DSC02037.JPG (4146440 octets)

DSC02038.JPG (4470355 octets)