April 03 2004

Received fiberglass

I received my fiberglass rolls from Noah's in Ontario. All knitted fabric of good quality. However they sent me the wrong 750gsm triaxial. The one they sent has some mat on it and I cant use that, it is too thick and heavy. I will have to send it back... Almost ready to start mixing epoxy!

Perforating Polyethylene

Some perforated plastic release film is required to peform vacuum bagging and remove excess epoxy. I made my own using a "torture" contraption made of a paint roller and some nails! Looks mean and dangerous! I drove nails through the roller cover and the used a wire cutter to cut the nail heads at an angle making a mighty sharp end. I just roll this porcupine roller over the plastic over the same pink foam I used to perforate the corecell to make billions of holes.