April 19 2004

Peel ply

Received my peel ply. It is cherry red and works perfectly. I made a small test panel and it peels right off the glass leaving a very fine texture. The roll measures about 66" wide but I need only 52" wide for my layup on the table. Instead of slowly cutting the fabric with scisors I used a very sharp kitchen knife to cut partially through the roll. I would have used my bandsaw but the roll is too big and did not fit. I tried a hacksaw and it is a bit messy. I tried a carpet knife but it was too short. I sharpened the kitchen knife the same way I sharpen my wood chisel (on a stone) and it cuts good. The strip that I cut from the roll will be perfect for use on the hull chine taping.

Panel 01 dry run.

I am doing a "practice run" before I actually mix epoxy and make my first panel. I still have to get my vacuum pump anyway, it is the last missing item before I start laminating. The layup is as follows: 1-release plastic film, 2-peel ply, 3-LT400 glass, 4-perforated corecell, 5-LT400 glass, 6-peel ply, 7-perforated plastic film, 8-breather felt, 9-vinyl vacuum bag. Ouf! There is more throw away material than boat material. I dont like it very much... Lets hope the final product is worth all this trouble.