February 9 2004

I received my scarab22 plans monday the 9th so it took a little more than 2 weeks for the delivery from Gunalda, Queensland. They came in a cardboard tube 3 feet long with all the full size templates.

Here is an extract from an email exchange I had with Ray regarding the plans:

At 08:05 pm 10/02/04 -0500, you wrote:

Hello Ray,I am enjoying running through your plans. I have a few questions:-Where is the info on the float chainplates? -My full size templates show the label "plywood". Are they good for sandwich panels also or some mods are required (foils for example)? -If the templates are the same for ply and foam, how do you account for the differences in thickness? -Why did you discard the mould concept for the beams? -How do the lower shrouds work if I use a rotating mast? The diamonds stays will touch them as the mast rotates. Have you launched the prototype yet? Olivier Note: I only paid 35 $CAN for the customs, great!

Hi Olivier, Thanks for the message. I am aware that there are a few details missing: chain plates, wash boards and prodder. Will get onto that as soon as I am able to.

I have also attached 7 drawings in PDF format for the check dimensions for the full size templates, a client in Italy brought this to my attention. The templates are good for foam or plywood, the foam boat will be a few millimetres bigger all round.

The mould for the beam was discarded to speed up the building process, although it was a simple mould there was still a day required to build it. The lower shrouds are needed only for raising the mast but I don't think they will interfere with the diamonds.

When I can get away from this desk I will finish the prototype, just a few months work to finish.

Good news about the customs fee.


Ray Kendrick