July 30 2004

Cutting beam cap laminated sheets:

To make the beams I need to cut the prelaminated sheet I made recently (50" x 5.7 m). It is about 4 mm thick and quite hard to cut. I tought about using my table saw but I did not want to fill the room with itchy dust. I used instead my Bosch jigsaw with the same blades I use to cut the foam panels. It works but the blades wear fast. It is not very pleasant work either... (hard  and slow). It also makes a lot of granular dust. It is also quite wastefull: 1.5mm saw cut for 40mm wide strips = 3.75 % wasted + the blades, etc...

I have a nice 8 feet by 20 inches left-over piece that I will probably use to make the square section mast post.

2004_0729Image0002.JPG (118067 bytes)

2004_0729Image0004.JPG (123162 bytes)

2004_0729Image0005.JPG (122402 bytes)

2004_0729Image0009.JPG (120526 bytes)

2004_0729Image0011.JPG (121168 bytes)


I am ready to assemble the beams. I will do that after the floats. This boat has too many parts! It is a big 3D puzzle!