March 14 2004

I am making a flat and level laminating table 5 feet wide by 26 feet long. I am recycling the strongback that SN Composites used to build the floats of their Scarab8. It is pretty simple but when I put everything level I noticed how much my floor was on a slope! Good long level needed here.

The table will be used to vacuum bag 13 4' x 24' sandwich panels and to cut them using the full size patterns supplied by Ray Kendrick. The patterns are paper and I am still thinking about the best method to use them: carbon paper? glue them on the panels? poke holes through?

I was on vacation in Florida the past 2 weeks and I went over the plans of the Scarab22 in detail during that time. A lot of stuff is still missing. I hope Ray will deliver faster than I can build!