March 17 2004

Full size templates use

Here is an email exchange I had with Ray regarding the use of the paper full size templates:

Hi Olivier,

I have found one way to transfer the shapes that seems to work well. I tape the template to the material with masking tape making sure that the template is not distorted (use check dimensions supplied). I then prick through the paper using an awl (long sharp pointed shaft with a handle), you can buy an awl or make one by grinding a screwdriver to a point. Then remove the template and join the dots. Works well on plywood, should work well on glass covered foam but might be a bit difficult on bare foam. On bare foan I would go over the template and poke a fine felt tip pen through the prick holes, this will leave a black dot on the foam.


Ray Kendrick

Today I tried another method that will work only for the smaller parts, not the big hull panels. I glued with spray adhesive (3M) the paper templates on a sheet of 5 mm MDF-like material. I then used a jigsaw to cut the template and then lightly sand the edges to exactly match the line on the paper. Before cutting I drilled holes close to the chine positions to help make sharp corners. This makes hard full size templates easy and quick to use + they are fun to make while I wait for my materials...

Note: I checked the dimension of the templates using the values provided by Ray and, for the bulkheads, they are all accurate to +- 0.5 mm :good!

Note2: All the parts on full size sheet #7 fit on a 4'x8' sheet.