June 30 2005,  45 hours.

I finished all my sandwich panels. This time I made them all one after the other, most of them with glass only on one side for the centerhull panels.

All the parts that have full size patterns are cut and ready to assemble. Strong back with temporary frames is setup and covered with hull panels. The fit is very nice, except for panel P2 (wing panel) which has one weird curve. Fellow scarab22 builder Louis de Lassus noticed the same thing. I suppose Ray Kendrick designed this curve on purpose to reduce the folded width of the boat (?) but I shaved only 15mm off the panel's edge to get a nice fair curve.

Because the hull panels are glassed only on one side (the inside of the hull) I need a lot of cable ties to keep everything lined-up correctly but it is easy to do. The panels twist very nicely at the bow. I will glass the whole hull in one go to avoid all the taping at the chines.

Making panels on my vacuum table:

2005_0529Image0001.JPG (76042 bytes)

2005_0529Image0003.JPG (56531 bytes)

2005_0529Image0004.JPG (75295 bytes)

2005_0529Image0005.JPG (88510 bytes)

2005_0529Image0006.JPG (65170 bytes)

2005_0529Image0008.JPG (67481 bytes)


My shop is getting messy!:

2005_0624Image0002.JPG (80934 bytes)

2005_0624Image0004.JPG (65768 bytes)

2005_0624Image0009.JPG (62672 bytes)

2005_0624Image0010.JPG (47897 bytes)


Its hot today. 32 C. I like it, the epoxy is easier to handle and cures quicker!:

2005_0624Image0015.JPG (43975 bytes)

2005_0624Image0030.JPG (49614 bytes)

2005_0624Image0031.JPG (43414 bytes)

2005_0624Image0036.JPG (50289 bytes)

2005_0624Image0040.JPG (49412 bytes)

2005_0624Image0046.JPG (50685 bytes)


Last Panel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

2005_0624Image0047.JPG (86272 bytes)

2005_0624Image0049.JPG (69596 bytes)

2005_0624Image0057.JPG (61396 bytes)

2005_0624Image0060.JPG (53027 bytes)

2005_0624Image0065.JPG (81919 bytes)

2005_0624Image0074.JPG (63982 bytes)


2005_0630Image0022.JPG (66358 bytes)

2005_0630Image0029.JPG (39564 bytes)

2005_0630Image0032.JPG (48434 bytes)

2005_0630Image0034.JPG (37333 bytes)

2005_0630Image0035.JPG (48312 bytes)

2005_0630Image0037.JPG (53077 bytes)

2005_0630Image0039.JPG (55264 bytes)

2005_0630Image0041.JPG (52551 bytes)

2005_0630Image0043.JPG (63293 bytes)

2005_0630Image0047.JPG (78035 bytes)

2005_0630Image0048.JPG (55579 bytes)

2005_0630Image0049.JPG (50807 bytes)

2005_0630Image0054.JPG (44606 bytes)

2005_0630Image0058.JPG (61729 bytes)

2005_0630Image0001.JPG (52798 bytes)

2005_0630Image0003.JPG (59271 bytes)

2005_0630Image0004.JPG (59206 bytes)

2005_0630Image0005.JPG (55375 bytes)

2005_0630Image0006.JPG (54251 bytes)

2005_0630Image0009.JPG (64944 bytes)

2005_0630Image0015.JPG (57484 bytes)

Panel P2 error. I stacked both P2 panels, one corrected and the other not. I trimmed a 15mm sliver:

2005_0630Image0021.JPG (45988 bytes)