End of 2008 season

Here are a few pictures from the end of the season.

Note the new spreaders, the vertical battens in the jib, the mast rotator in front of the mast and the pivoting bowsprit tests...

DSCF4465.JPG (477855 octets)

DSCF4466.JPG (451451 octets)

DSCF4467.JPG (455422 octets)

DSCF4468.JPG (440419 octets)

DSCF4469.JPG (457085 octets)

DSCF4470.JPG (483999 octets)

DSCF4471.JPG (438910 octets)

DSCF4472.JPG (479623 octets)


DSCF4474.JPG (485384 octets)

DSCF4475.JPG (485798 octets)


DSCF4477.JPG (443305 octets)